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Disease Name: Myocarditis

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Please review the Idaho Reportable Disease Rules (IDAPA 16.02.10) for the most up-to-date information.

Overview / Case Definition

Myocarditis is frequently considered in those with unexplained heart failure, particularly if patients are young and the failure of acute onset. However myocarditis is an uncommon cause of heart failure. Infectious agents might cause heart failure through direct effects on myocardial tissue or by triggering an immune response that presents as acute inflammatory myocarditis or a delayed response causing late, slowly progressive dysfunction. Myocarditis (often with pericarditis) is usually a mild, self-limited disease in which cardiac dysfunction is completely reversible. Fulminant myocarditis with progressive, irreversible heart failure as an immediate and direct result of viral infection is relatively rare.




Within 3 working days

Reportable by Healthcare and Labs:

Reportable by Food Service Facility:

Suspect Reportable: Yes

Reporting Timeframe: Within 3 working days

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